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February 20, 2013

WEEK 8 GRANNY, a light weight hoilday project....

and my last post for a week or so...a cruise to enjoy! lol
I decided I needed to take a light weight project with me on holiday so this...
week 8 granny motif is it...was thinking evening jacket of some description BUT....
it might make a great evening bag?.....Really not sure what it will become yet
I'm using all the pale blues and greens I have.
I would like to make an Evening Jacket at some point in this motif but in antique white, silvers and pale greys with just a hint of colour.
I also have lots of oranges and red too so a second project......A close up of the cotton ribbon centre and the shiny 2 round of 24 short loops
A project specifically to use ribbon yarns....I bought a bag of random coloured yarns from Colinette a few months back and wanted to use them in a project.....
A cotton ribbon for the centre and a shiny ribbon for the second round
WEEK 8 Granny motif
USA Terms, 5mm hook, ribbon yarn
A two round circular motif with quite a close fit together
Ch 8, sl st to complete circle
R1: 24 dc into the circle, sl st to complete round (24dc)
R2: attach second shinier ribbon in any st, ch4, sc in next stitch, ch4 sc in next st, repeat until you have 24 short loops, sl st to comp[lete round. (24x4 ch loops)
Use join as you go, 4 loops at a time...a first motif will have 6 motifs around it.
I'll be back in March with Week 9 Granny

February 17, 2013

Week 7 Octagon turned into a flower

Week 7 Octagon becomes Week 8 Flower...
with some minor changes
and then some more changes
and just a few made..
how one idea leads to another.....
Happy Hooking x


February 15, 2013

WEEK 7 Octagon

A mini Octagon for you this morning...loving this one so much i might take it on holiday and see where it goes from the 9motif patch i have at the moment.

Sorry the pictures are BAD......I will re take as soon as it get light and I can get outside, the light wasn't great when I finished it last night so it was taken in semi darkness lol.
Some better Pictures....
AFTERNOONUPDATE: what it could look like as a blanket done in 3 colours not two...

USA terms 3.5mm hook or a 4mm
DK yarn
Ch 3, sl st, into a circle...col 1
R1: 12 dc into circle, sl st to complete round....col 2
R2: 2sc in each st, sl st to complete round....col 3
close up of a 2 colour motif
 R3: Start in any stitch, 2dc in first and second st, chain 3 and miss a st, repeat until you have 8 sides sl st to complete round.
Use join as you go to attach them.
Join as you go is a simple sl st through the matched st of another motif
Make it in two colours or three...
edge every 9 motifs with a band of colour and join the blocks of 9
change the colour change the look...

 Have fun and Happy Hooking everyone

WEEK 6 mini hexagon pattern

Again sorry for being so behind with the weekly Square catching up in the next few days.
Week 6 Granny is a Mini Hexagon
USA Terms as always
5mm hook DK yarn
NOTE: An easy 2 round hexagon that I prefered to stitch together thought the back of the stitch only.
USA Terms as usual, DK yarn, 5mm hook.
ch 3, sl st into a circle
R1: Make 6 spokes, ch 4 as first spoke, dc, ch2 repeat until you have 6 spokes and 6 spaces
R2: 2dc, 2 ch, 2dc in every chain 2 space, sl st to complete round. (6 sides)
how easy is that then?
Have fun

February 14, 2013

Week 5 POPCORN FLOWER MOTIF granny square...sorry it is really late.

I will be catching up this week with all granny squares and flowers.
There are a few variations in blog land, several on which let the last stitch go from the hook, then pick up the begining of the 'petal' and then re pick up the dropped stitch again before doing the chain spacing!!!!
NOTE: the bigger the chain space say 3 ch space will give a sharper squarer looking 'petal'
No chain, or 1 chain space will give a rounder more puff like motif as below
Popcorn stitch is often used to form petals in flowers. But it looks very like a pleat with a chain space between
USA Terms, 5mm hook and DK yarn
Most popcorns are done with a dc but I use a treble to give a slightly bigger 'popcorn' or 'petal'
Chain 4, sl st into a circle
Round 1: 12 dc into circle sl st to complete round
Round 2: 5 tr, into the 1st st,
turn the motif over, sl st into the first treble,
 chain 3, 5 trebles into the next st, turn to the back of the motif, sl st into the ch3 space, pull the yarn through and do 3ch sts as the space.
Repeat until you have a popcorn in each st, then sl st into the top of the first popcorn
Round 3: start in any ch 3 space, 3dc, 2ch, 3dc (corner) 2sc in the next space, ch 1, 2sc in the next space, then do 3dc, 2ch, 3dc, in the next space repeat until you have a square, sl st to complete the round.
Round 4; 1dc, 2ch, 1dc in each corner and 1dc in each stitch for the sides. Each side should have 13 dc and 2 chain corners
Make the motif to round 2 (flower)
ROUND 3: start in any space, 3dc, 2ch, 3dc (corner) 3dc in next space, repeat 5 more times (6sides)
sl st to complete round
Another square tomorrow
happy hooking x

February 7, 2013

Can I get this excited about my first book?

Seems it is pre-orderable on Amazon released on the 7th May.
I can't tell you how excited I am.......3year type excited I'm afraid lol
It really is a dream come true for me.
If you feel like helping me out with a bit of publicity.....TELL EVERYONE hehehe, Please.
It's been sold to USA too for those across the pond that have asked
Australia I'm not sure of yet.
Happy Hooking everyone x

February 4, 2013

Almost finished the lace top......

Another couple of rows of motifs to do or one and an edging?
won't be wearing it over a t-shirt on my holiday but just to share the shape I have decided on.....
played around with different ways and became too complicated so went with an
identical front and back
14 motif's in a round and going to do at least another row with a decorative edging or two more rows
Holiday arangements have been brought forward to February so slight panic to get this top finished in time but I will catch up with the weekly Granny Square and Flower motif before I go away
Crossing everything......
for the holiday we wanted last year and couldn't manage to arrange...
A cruise, only a 7 day one
and not sailing from the UK, we have to fly to the Canary Islands first
but so excited and not long to wait, just hoping Phil can change his  holiday week at work
Catch up as soon as I have finished the top and sorted the square out for you